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WordPress very simple

I did some work using WordPress maybe three years ago and wasn’t very impressed with the code base. I thought it was too cumbersome and wasn’t very well organized. So when I created this blog I initially used another blogging engine thinking that WordPress was just too bulky. I was totally wrong and after using it over the past couple of weeks I think WordPress is by far the best blogging engine.

It’s so easy to get it up and going. I actually was able to get it up and going in under ten minutes. That is from start to finish including download and upload times. I also find that the interface is very easy to use and very modern. I was able to install a couple of plugins without an issue. Very impressed with how easy the install process really is. I never really installed plugins so to me that was very impressive. No development skills needed. There is also a ton of great free plugins. So really for a standard blog no work is needed. You can literally be up and running in minutes. I don’t think I will go back to modifying WordPress code though. I believe that is where my impression came in as I was doing custom development within a WordPress site. Yes you can do this but then you start to have to deal with the internals. I am guessing the code base is cleaned up by now though. To sum it up keep it up WordPress I will be a user of yours for a long time.