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Feedly Blog Manager

I didn’t start getting into blogs until about a year ago. So I missed the whole Google Reader era.  I always thought blogs were useless for some reason. I still feel that way about certain kind of blogs but technology blogs are very useful in my opinion. It’s a good way to pick up on what others are doing. So when I started getting into blogs I noticed that I was having to bookmark a lot of pages. Not only that but I also was having to visit these blogs to check if anything was updated. I was talking with a co-worker and he said he use to use Google reader but Google shut it down. He said he recently started to use Digg Reader. I looked at Digg and also Feedly and decided that I would go with Feedly. Nothing against Digg I just thought Feedly had a bigger user based and there had to be some reason behind that.

After using it for over a couple of months now I would have to say I am glad with my decision. Not only is it a great blog manager but you also get a lot of neat features for free. The main feature of course as it shows you only posts you have not read yet. This is nice so you know I have ten new blog posts to read. Then you don’t have to filter them out yourself Feedly does that for you. Also you can read the post inside the application so you don’t have to bounce from site to site. This can be nice but you do miss out on certain content like comments. If you are not into those then this might be the way to go. Another feature of the free version is it updates the blogs every four hours. For me this is fine I don’t check posts every day even sometimes I get to it once a week.

Another thing I like about Feedly is there Android application. It seems really well made and I am able to read posts while on the go. The posts just like the website open up inside the application so I don’t have to bounce around. Also you can go to the website just like you go on the site version.

Feedly also offers a pro version which you can upgrade for only 45 dollars a year. That is a decent price and you get a lot more features. So if you are really into blogs you can do things like send them to your Evernote account or get your blog posts 30 minutes sooner than the free version. In my opinion the free version is more than what I need but others may like the additional features.

So if you are looking for a blog manager I suggest you at least check out Feedly. It’s free, easy to use and works great.