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Sorry Chyrp

  • When I started this blog earlier this year I started it using a tool called Chyrp. This is a blogging engine in the PHP language. I am very familiar with PHP and have done it for over six years now. So having an engine in something you know is always a good thing. It looked really slick and had a smaller code base than say something like WordPress. I thought it would be easier to apply fixes when needed and I could do those fixes myself. Well after using it for about three months I have had to switch off of it. It was just having to many resource problems for me to keep it running. I suppose an argument could be made that since I know PHP I could have fixed them myself. I looked into the code base it it was just too big of a task for me to do. I just want a blogging engine not another project to put development efforts into.

This blog is currently getting about 100 users a day looking at the various posts. It seems to be more consistent now than before. So it’s becoming important to have something reliable. Also to have something that is scalable. I noticed that even with this small load of users Chyrp wasn’t able to handle it. My server kept running out of memory even if say 2 or 3 users where on it at the time. Looking into it there was about thirty apache processes running all eating up the ram. I am not sure what could have caused this as it seemed to happen maybe once a week. Even though once a week isn’t a ton it gets annoying over time. Also you always have to be on standby to get it back up and running when it runs out of memory. So I had to look for an alternative and I found one in WordPress. Even though I am no longer using it now I still see a future for Chyrp if they can fix some of these issues. I consider these types of issues major as dealing with memory issues is never fun. Until they are able to fix them I would not depend on it for a blog that has many posts that has many users viewing those posts. I am glad that I tried it out though and I still think their interface is pretty slick.

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