Ubuntu Server Not Defaulting Properly

I run an Ubuntu server and had it all setup for some time now. I never really had an issue like today come up until now. I was baffled into what could have went wrong. I didn’t even touch it but for some reason it just broke. I noticed that I was unable to get to my site using localhost like I always use to be able to do. After doing some research I found a solution that fixed it for my server.

When I initially setup my server I followed this guide and everything worked out great. Anybody looking to setup a LAMP stack server I would recommend reading this first. Even if you think you know what your doing this guide will make sure you don’t miss anything. Okay back to how I fixed my specific issue. I noticed that it wasn’t defaulting to any project. After thinking about it for some time it came to mind maybe the default project somehow got enabled again. So the fix turned out to be very simple. I just had to disable the default project again and it works great again.

sudo a2dissite default

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