Github ProTip

I recently noticed that Github changed their interface. They did a great job at making it faster and it actually looks more appealing. At least to me. I also noticed with their updates they added something called a ProTip at the bottom right before you make a comment.

If you see the attached image you will see what I am referring to. I think ProTip is a term that has just come up and is already being over used. I feel that if you use that term you are saying you are better than everyone else on that subject. You are considering yourself a pro. Which is fine but why do you have to tell me your a pro. If your really a pro won’t the context of what your saying be take as such. What’s the point in adding this on to a statement. I won’t read it unless your a pro. Also if you add ProTip in front of what your saying there is less of a chance of me reading it. Now every time I have to make a Github comment I get to see ProTip.



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